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NordicTrack 2500R

by Trudy

I purchased this used in 2004 for something like $400. It was well-maintained and worked perfectly. I used it only sporadically and have had minor things, like belt adjustment (this happened on an uneven floor), come up. The manual help was enough so far.

I'm getting back into running and got on the machine yesterday and it wouldn't work. The console lights up but the buttons don't respond. It has happened twice before and was corrected by turning the machine off, unplugging and trying again later. This time I followed the directions and adjusted the reed/magnet by the belt and that hasn't worked. I saw another troubleshoot online that mentioned an optic sensor. I will try that and if that doesn't work, I will try to find someone to service it.

In all, I love the machine. Mine has the plywood deck and I like it much better than the ones at the gym. It's sturdy and generally, has been reliable.

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