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Nordic Track Commercial 2150

by Joe

Bought a high end unit a year ago. It has never worked for more than a month. Replaced parts include the motor, fan and several tablets. Absolute garbage.

Its an obvious lemon but they won't replace it with a new one and won't explain what the replacement criteria is. Utah office says they have absolutely nothing to do with replacing lemon units except following up, without judging, the technician's decision to replace it.

Technician's office says they have absoultely nothing to do with replacing units and don't know what Utah is talking about. Utah says they don't know what the technicians offices are talking about. Both claim the other office is lieing to me. What a bunch of losers!

Lemon laws don't apply to them. Worse exercise machine I ever bought and the worst customer disservice ever. Won't let me speak to the manager. This is a classic cnbc documentary customer disservice scamming.

If you are stuck with one of these nordic track scams contact government authorities, ombudsmen, cnbc, Ralph Nader, consumer advocacy, media, etc. Homer Simpson used his treadmill to watch tv while sitting on a lawn chair. Thats all its good for.

In the end if you want to use it you'll have to find a cheap handy man to fix it yourself, if thats possible. Start by throwing the defective useless android tablet away and replace it with manual switches, like controls in the old star trek movies.Try using an exercise app to track your exercises, a wrist pedometer, etc and hope nothing else breaks down.

Most of all, get the word out that Nordic Track SUCKS!

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