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Nordic Track C2500

by Keith

I placed a deposit on a Nordic Track C2500 from a company called Fitness-Superstore on the 6th Jan 2011 and was told to expect delivery in about 10 days.Two weeks later I stil hadn't taken delivery.Fitness-Superstore made it up to me by giving me some free ifit cards for when the C2500 came.When it did arrive and after 3 hours assembling it,not helped by bad Chinese machining the incline motor failed to work.I returned to F-S and was put in touch with Nordic Track who after many exchanges of e-mails and photos of incline motors told me there wouldn't be a replacement motor until April.They did offer a so called higher spec Nordic Track T9.7 at the same price,which I took delivery of,and spent another 3 hours assembling.This model is in no way an upgrade,it's not as stable as the C2500,has no fan, has fewer workout programmes and didn't take the ifit cards given to me as compensation for delayed delivery.After complaining to F-S about this I had to dismantle the T9.7 so that I could take delivery of another C2500,which I discovered on opening the box was broken.Another call to F-S to collect the broken tredmill so that I can get my deposit back and deal with an entirely different company,or take to press-ups to keep fit.It's April 25th and as yet no deposit and no treadmill,it's worth noting that most stuff these days seems to be produced in China which does appear to throw up quality issues.I certainly can't recall of anything of quality coming out of China,but manufacturers just love that cheap labour and high pofit,time for change me thinks.

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