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by nick

I bought this treadmill for my wife who is starting a workout program. She is a walker and after only 6 days of 20 min. workouts the motor is squealing like a stuck pig. She loves the ifit chip we bought for it. But to buy another ifit-compatible treadmill would be foolish,as the same company makes pro-form,nordictrac, reebok,and some other brand i cant recall. Thank god we bought it at sears, and we can return it up to 90 days. We bought the 2yr. warranty from sears,WORTHLESS,as it only kicks in after the 1yr. nordictrac warranty expires. Nordictrac says the motor is on back least a month for a replacement. Doesnt fit in with their quality sales pitch now does it?Bottom line..A lot of junk out there. Pay attention to warranty terms..look at roller size. 2.75 inches or larger,motor at least 3hp. Consumer Guide is my new source for info.!NORDIC-TRAC used to be a great name for good equipment, the unit we have says it was made in China..enough said..junk for big bucks.

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Dec 09, 2010
Horrible TS Terrain Simulator
by: Oscar

On Jan.2010,I purchased the Nordic Track All Terrain
Simulator,and a 3 year warranty ($300.00). After 3 motor replacement,speed control unit and the display/control unit. A total of six attempts to fix it by Nordic Track's private repair contractor
that never shows up when I was informed by Nordic Track Solutions in Utha,I was informed that they would have to have their field repairman to see it one more time. Now this is ten months after I purchased the unit and have since paid it off.
$2300.00. I complained to Sears Customer Solutions
Dept. in Texas and I live in California,I was informed that the unit had to be seen by a repairman before they could take action. Mind you I had day by day documentation and receipts given to me by the six different repair companies. By this time I had but sixty miles registered on the machine.
Well make a long story, I guess longer,the repair service made an appointment they guy never showed
up this was on 11/22/10. On 11/25/10,I went and had a short but good talk withe Sears Sporting Goods Dept. Mgr and he finally decided to return my money,
Hold on there partners the plot continues, I agreed to buy another,you guessed it,Nordic Track Treadmill. Today 12/9/10,Sears delivered my new unit and agreed to install it for,the installer reported the machine was faulty and taken it back to Sears. Nordic Track claims that all their units are made in the good old USA yet all parts are marked made in China. Well Michael what do you
think of your indorced threadmill?

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