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non-existent customer service, won't honor warranty

by George Jacobs
(Ellijay, GA)

I have a Nordic Track treadmill for which I purchased an extended 3-year warranty. Included in the warranty is an annual preventive maintenance check. I called the company (they called themselves UTS or some such name--not Nordic Track although the warranty was supposedly issued by Nordic Track). I spent a lot of time in gateways (dial one for English, etc.) and then was on hold for perhaps 10 minutes. When someone finally answered, they told me I had gotten the parts department and they would transfer me to the right department. I went thru the same gateways, and hold, and got someone else which I found out was the exact number I had first dialed, but of course this was the "wrong number" too. I spent an hour making calls, being transferred, and being on hold until I realized they had no intention of honoring any warranty. I will never buy another Nordic Track product, and I could not recommend this product to others. Fortunately, by threatening legal action, I got my extended warranty cost refunded.

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