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Nodick Track Scan

by alex lamartinaa
(Queens, NYC)


published review 3/15/15

I have been an extremely loyal customer with ICON and have purchased 3 new pieces of equipment all brand new and registered in their data base by me beginning the original customer.

I bought my New elliptical from Groupon which were running a 50% special, I bought my xi11 treadmill New from EBay worth three thousand dollars through Pay Pal and when I called to service the machine the first time I had no problem they came and repaired it using the original warranty, that they now say isn't valid for me any longer and finally I bought another $1500 New bike and an extended warranty through them directly.

As in paragraph 2 of the Limited Warranty :

"This warranty extends directly to the original purchase (Customer). The customer by definition means end user.

Because EBay and Groupon were the middlemen and not the end user they can not be defined as the customer.

Since I am the only end user I am the customer as defined by their warranty, I therefore must be the original purchaser.

Hence the warrantee is in effect and is to be used by me as the customer.

The treadmill broke for the second time because it was a poorly designed equipment unable to handle daily exercise.

I expected more from a expensive machine that costs $3000 and ended up being a piece of crap.

When I called customer service instead of treating me with the respect as very loyal customer they berated me and told me they wouldn't honor my warranty even through they had before.

When I got upset with this and was telling him how poorly I was being treated he told he would hung up on me if I said one more word about their company.

I have been working for Time

Warner Cable for 25 years at customer service an employee that hangs up a customer for any reason is terminated because those calls need to be referred to a supervisor who will then handle the call.

They told me any and all products bought on EBay or Goupons and any other middleman were consider Used and not under warranty even though they were not the end user hence not the customer.

I couldn't believe he was so rude and asked him to send it to me in writing which he did

This is the Email they sent me:

******* ICON'S Email********************************

We sell our machines only to authorized vendors and who ever purchased that machine from the authorized vendor is the original owner of the machine.

If that person then goes and sells the machine, even with it being new in box, through eBay, Craig list, local add, etc. that machine is then considered a second hand machine.

As stated in our limited warranty terms: "This warranty extends only to the original purchaser (customer)."

Robert #137 | Operator - Customer Satisfaction | ICON Health & Fitness
O: (800) 999-3756 | cs137opr11@iconfitness . com

*****************End Icon's Email**************

I want everyone to know if you ever buy any product for ICON through EBay, Groupon or any internet site your screwed! they will take every effort possible in order not to repair there subpar equipment and stand by there product and repair their equipment.

They keep you on hold for 40 minutes and then treat you like garbage and look to save money by voiding out warranties which were caused by the defective quality of their equipment.

I would advise any one looking to buy Sports equipment to look at other manufactures who produce quality equipment that wont constantly break ruining you work outs and stand by their products.

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