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Nice Equipment

I am a tech person at a facility. I take care of 10 Treadmills 4 Elipticals and 5 bike made by True Fitness.

The Bikes run great and do not need to much attention. The elipticals are a pain in the butt to try to keep clean. I made some mats to slide under them which collect a lot of sweat and dirt. Not the easiest to clean. 2 of the 4 Elipticals frames broke after the warrenty had expired. They are easy to take apart and weld up. The treadmills need to be blown out monthly due to dust. 10 of our consoles have TV`s which worked for about a week and they all quit working. It took True Fitness over 1 year to fix this problem. I am glad they finally figured it out but they were dishonest with us the whole time. I had to deal with several tech people to get them on this, even the managers and CEO of the company. They all said the same thing. We are the ONLY company in the COUNTRY to have this problem.

About a month before the problem was fixed one of their technicians slipped and told me when they figure out the problem we would be the first to get the new consoles. After this they admited several places have this problem. I like all the True fitness products. The technicians are very willing to help me fix whatever problem I am having with one of their machines. Honesty is important.

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