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Never Again

by Tony
(Medford, NJ)

In January 2006 I purchased a CST4.5 treadmill from Dick's for $999.99 + $199.99 4 year "no sweat" extended warrenty. In September of 2008 the treadmill stopped working. To make a long story short:
* Called the Warrenty company no sweat who is owned by the Pheonix Group based out of AZ the fisrt person suggested that someone would call us in 3 days to schedule an appointment. After a total of 20 phone calls to the "no sweat pheonix group", Horizon fitness and Dick's 4 weeks later a repairman came and concluded that the control board and the motor were defective.
* An additional 20 to 25 phone calls and 4 weeks later the part arrived (3 days later the repair man came) which turned out to be the incorrect control board and no motor.
* We are currently waiting for new parts if the new parts arrive and they are correctly installed we have waited 12 weeks and who knows how long the treadmill will work until it breaks down again?

I would strongly recommend not purchasing anything from Dick's Horizon or the pheonix group.

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