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Need a dedicated 20 amp circuit!

by Michael G

I bought the horizon fitness tsc5 treadmill 10 years ago. However, neither the store or the instruction manual said anything about needing a dedicated 20 amp circuit to plug it in to. I noticed when I was running on it, the speed would fluctuate ever so slightly from time to time causing me to have to hold on to the grips. After a short time, it stopped working altogether. After researching the issue, I figured out I burned up the motor and the power supply board and it was because it was plugged in to a standard household 15 amp circuit. Once I replaced the motor and circuit board myself (not that hard to do) I had an electrician come in and install a new dedicated 20 amp circuit and behold, no more problems. The treadmill works great! I repaired about 6 years ago and it's been fine. I think the circuit issue is related to the problems many people have written in about.

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