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my 20 year old True

by roberta levy
(lake geneva wi, usa)

Well, I have owned this machine for about 15-20 years now and have only had to have one repair on it...the computer went out while it was on warranty and the store came and fixed it. It has just run and run and run whenever I turned it on...lost the little red dohickey that you are supposed to use for a safety line to your chest about 8 years ago somewheres in the I fit up a 1/4 piece of round doll wood and it works just problemos people...have taught three dogs to walk on it too...two of them don't like to but the first one, a pug used to exercise every day by walking to the back of my feet while I did my 30-45 minute on this site because my chest strap seems to have stretched out a bit and I need to get a new one...Ht Rate, Mets, Cals, speed, lift all work as well as the day I got it...sometime in the 80's....maybe they made them better then? Donno...but this one doesn't owe me one penny...

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