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Mother board from hell - horrible running machine

by runner no machine

Stay the F away from these machines. I as well as many other posters just have a heavy piece of metal sitting in their room now due to burnt out circuit boards. When it was within warranty, tech support sucked. All they did was throw part after part in the mail until the machine worked. I spent more time on the phone with these people than using the machine. Found out it was a burnt circuit control board and then they tried to blame me stating that the machine requires a special dedicated line for the machine only. How many people have special dedicated lines for running machines - Are you kidding me?

Out of warranty now and call tech support. They tell me that I now need to do a voltmeter dignostic and send the results in since everything but the main running motor and frame is not covered. Turns out. it's the board AGAIN and they want $300.00 + for a replacement. I'm stuck with this POS and hope no one else gets stuck like I did.

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