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Model 5100R

(Swarthmore, PA)

We've owned this treadmill for about 5 years now. Generally, we really like it. We use the device regularly, every day. The reflex deck is GREAT!
That's the upside.

The downside:
I've had to replace the motor speed controller THREE (3) times now. The latest April '08. And now the price of the replacement part is up to $185.00 inclu tax and shiping. My wife and I are contemplating whether or not to chance that the manufacturer has worked out the obvious design flaw and purchase the next generation of this deck. I simply don't want to run on a non-flexing deck. The reflex deck is absolutely the only way to run indoors. Desicions, desicions. This is the last time I'll fix this thing. WHEN it fails again it's on the trash heap and we'll have to decide Nordictrack or not.

Happy/Unhappy owner

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