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Love my Horizon Elite 4.0T treadmill!

by janell
(portland, or)

I bought this treadmill about 5 years ago based on a recommendation from someone I know and trust who has been in the fitness equipment industry for several years. He recommended this model because in his experience with it he had less customer complaints and service calls than other models in his store.

I mostly run outside in the summer, and haven't been as consistent in working out as I intended when I bought it, but I have used this treadmill quite often walking, jogging, and running. I don't use the preset programs, but have used the incline and ran at speeds up to 7.0 (though not very often at that speed). I have not had any problems at all with this treadmill. I love it!

The only complaint, which was mentioned previously by another reviewer, is the heart rate monitors on the hand grips are slow to work and sometimes seem inaccurate. To me, that's not a deal breaker. This treadmill has been reliable and easy to use. I love the design, with the two cup holders on the sides, and the display makes it very easy to manually change the speed and incline during runs.

I just found this site today and was shocked to find the bad reviews of the Horizon line. Makes me think I must have received a rare gem of a treadmill, or the other happy users just aren't commenting. Maybe a little of both.

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