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Landice Customer Service and Rust Issues

Landice Rusting

Landice Rusting

We bought a Landice L8 and within months, this super treadmill with a lifetime warranty, rusted! Landice said it couldn't possibly rust, but it did! I had to send them pictures to prove it and they wouldn't warranty it. They said they must have used steel on our model, instead of aluminum. They wanted us to pay to replace the parts!

I found the deck to be pretty hard to run on. It's not as soft or cushy as I would like, either.

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Bull crap
by: Anonymous

The issue the guy is talking about is true I have seen it in person. In that year they Landice had issue with that treadmill I am a tech seen it a lot.

Looks like the reading deck, not the treadmill...
by: Anonymous

That looks like the Landice x50 model, which is pre-2004, and the rusted part you've photographed appears to be the book holder held against the motor cover (notice the writing is right way up, despite the cover writing being upside down), so I think you're being somewhat disingenuous here.

I've a 2001 Landice 7 (750 series) and it seems these weren't made entirely of aluminium, but steel components. It's the x60 and x70 series that followed which are aluminium.

Having said that - the body of my L 7, despite having been in the tropics for nearly 10 years, is still solid with only surface rust on the VFX deck slats underneath the running belt and between the side frames -- easy enough to fix with some KillRust.

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