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Jury is still out

by Jennifer
(Parker, CO, USA)

I bought a HealthRider H95T in July of 2010. I am a marathoner and wanted an indoor option for training. Since purchasing in July, I have had to call customer service twice for a nonoperable treadmill. It worked great for 3 months and then within 3 weeks of being "fixed" the first time, had exact same issue...belt becomes very jerky and unstable and makes a grinding noise. Definitely plan on waiting 2-3 weeks from time of initiating service call to actually hearing from techs and getting it repaired. What's really frustrating is this particular model has training options of half and full marathon distances so you would think the machine would be built sturdy enough to handle repeated long runs. Guess it's back to the freezing outside and 11th of a mile indoor tracks for training.

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