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Image User from Wayback

by Patrick Forsyrthe
(Howell, MI)

I bought an Image from Sears about 13 years ago, knowing nothing about treadmills. I payed about $1700 for it then, I'd assumed it was top of the line. Inside three months the motor went, but was replaced by a tecnician at no cost, no harm no foul. It came with Ifit, but the internet was and still is an elusive entity in my area, overcome only by an aircard (modem) at about $60.00 for 5g of data. Ifit was in it's infancy and has since basically excluded me and my treadmill as they have grown into what they are today. However the treadmill lives on!! The two programs that operate w/ the heart monitor and an age factor I find invaluable. I wonder what I will do if it ever breaks down again?

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