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Image 935

by Debby
(Valley Springs, CA)

I just read your poor review of the Image brand, so I have to write my two cents. I am baffled. Maybe I purchased one of the good ones. I don't know. I purchased it in about 1994 or '95 for what was an extreme amount of money for a treadmill at the time, $1300 to $1500 or thereabouts. It's been so long, I no longer remember. I came online to see if I could find out how to service the treadmill, since the service light has just recently come on. The treadmill has always been inside. It hasn't been used every day, but it has been used for long stretches by whichever family member is seeking to improve their health at some point. I haven't been a big user of the incline, but it has been used for fast walking and running and various degrees of incline. I've never used the programs that it has. It's quiet and I have to say it has been a real workhorse. I like the padded bar that goes across. I have a bad back and frequently need to rest my arms on it. All of the new treadmills I see only seem to have side handles, which really wouldn't do me any good at all. I have nothing but good things to say about it.

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