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Image 19.0Q

by Richard
(South Carolina)

We purchased the Image 19.0Q 9 years ago.

We use it for walking not running. On average it is used 2 times a week anywhere from 2 to 4 miles each time, average, sometimes 4 times a week and some times we skip a week, so this is averaged.

Never had any problems never needed service of any kind.

My father began using it the most (daily) at age 72. In 4 months he lost 18 lbs. and kept it off.

The treadmill was his only form of exercise other that woodworking. Even after heart surgery 5 years ago he continues to use the treadmill weekly.

Its 2016 just moved the treadmill back to our home ( my father passed away) and are using it daily.

We must have got a good one because we have had no problems.

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