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by Shelli
(Texakana. AR)

I used my sisters treadmill and I actually loved it. The walking space was great, the fan, was okay only I was a bit short and it hardly cooled me off (5'4"), I could feel it pass my hair. The quater track I really enjoyed as you know when you have went 1/4 or a mile visually. I appreciated the dual windows to view your progress as the smaller one had the calories, distance, mph and time, but the larger one could be changed to what you wanted to view on top. It also showed how many steps you took. This had the 10000 step program so that you could also monitor the steps on a regular workout. It also had the workout programs. I believe 6 of them, its been 3 weeks ago. It was rather quiet, not very disturbing noise. It felt very durable, not one of the smaller simple looking machines, but was also a folding. I really liked it, which is what prompted me when I got home to start researching and seeking for my very own. I tell you, it is work to research all the brands they have... I appreciate this site, in lieu of.

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