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I LOVE my 450 TRUE Treadmill

by Heidi
(Sandpoint, ID USA)

I bought my 450 used, for about $900, 7 years ago. I still have it, use it, and absolutely LOVE it. It is by far the best home treadmill I have ran on. I panic when I think about having to buy a different model someday.

First, it is very slim, and the perfect apt size treadmill. It just takes no more space than a window plant stand next to my window. I really can't stand how huge other treadmills are. I account for it's space saving because, 1. It has no side rails, but instead a front rail. 2. The unit is only about 2 feet wide, which has always been more than enough for a 6 foot man to run on.

Secondly, it is SUPER quiet. And soft to the feet.

Thirdly, the grade goes up to 15, which is climbing a steep mountain! I love that.

Lastly, the 6 bolts come out easily so the unit head folds down. You can easily reach all the innards to clean out (or replace parts).

After 7 years, I finally had to replace a bushing in the tread wheel. I am a mere woman, and I replaced it myself.

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