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(Arlington, Texas, USA)

I purchased a horizon treadmill and had problems with it overheating. It would run fine for about 30 minutes but then it would overheat. After numerous complaints, I finally got someone to come and look at it. They looked at it for about 5 minute with no one on it and said it was fine. After about 10 months it quit. I called the company many times and got no response until a week or so after it was out of warranty. I received a letter saying that Horizon would do nothing because it was out of warranty.

After going back to Busy Body, they finally got Horizon to do something. They replaced the motor and the machine worked for about a week before we had the same problem. After nearly a year, Busy Body finally got Horizon to get me a new treadmill. This one worked for about a month before it started going really fast. The CPA calls this "run away treadmill." It would just start runnig at top speed without any warning. After many months working with Horizon and the Consumer Protection Agency, Horizon finally agreed to rebuild this treadmill. They eventually replaced every component on it and finally corrected the problem. The new problem was that it would quit all of a sudden with no warning.

The rebuilt treadmill actually blew up one day with flames and everything! Horizon would not return calls and all of my complaints to Busy Body and the CPA did no good.

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