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Horizon treadmills- Dont Buy one

by Mark

They stink, mine breaks every six months and requires a new circuit board to fix it. Horizon has been good about sending new ones during the warranty period but expects me to install it. On-site service was part of why I bought it but they never have a tech in your area. They will send someone but it will take 2-4 weeks before you see him. My treadmill is now out of warrany and is once again broken. Perhaps thay could offer on-site removal and destruction of your old treadmill?

Don't buy these cheap chinese made treadmills at any cost!

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Oct 28, 2014
Ex-Johnson Engineer willing to help....
by: Ex-Johnson Engineer

Hi Folks,

I worked for Johnson for years, the makers of Matrix Fitness, Horizon Fitness, Vision Fitness, Merit, AFG, Johnson and other brand names.

They are indeed chinese made, and they kicked out the US engineers in 2012 to send that too off to China.

I now repair all styles of control boards, and can help folks with problems they can't get worked out thru Horizon.

I also invented a Treadmill Analyzer that can diagnose all Johnson brand analog driven treadmills to aid servicers.

For help please contact and one little bit of info, the entire fitness industry needs to pull it's pants up and support what they "claim" to sell.


Jan 27, 2013
not happy
by: Anonymous

can not find any one to come and fix it after the warrenty is over in edmonton alberta canada

Apr 09, 2010
Circuit Borad issue
by: Anonymous

I agree,

the damed upper Circuit Borad will break just few days after waarenty period,

the only thing work is 0.5 MPH button,

Mar 09, 2009
5.1T Having trouble
by: Anonymous

In last 2 years I have gone thru 5 motor control boards,2 motors,and rear roller.

They are prompt in responding and sending seemly crappy parts.

Oct 14, 2008
by: Anonymous

I have a 5.1T treadmill and have replaced every part imaginable in the last 2 years...

went through 2 motors..

at least three circuit boards..bearings in the rollers..and now that its off warranty its broken again..

I am assuming circuit board think they would have fixed this problem by now.

Not recommended at all by me...expensive nice looking junk!

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