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horizon performance seires (PST8)

by joyce

I bought this treadmill roughly about 4 years ago. I used it quite alot to start with but now that I am trying to use it again, I am having problems with the belt. It is not moving even though the electronic console shows that my workout has already started. Can someone tell me what is wrong this was the high end machine. I believe I payed around $2,000.00 for this. It has a power-V Digital drive system, 2.75 HP Continous duty motor, 26lb MagForce Motor at 3100RPM, and it says it has a 20year Motor Warranty.

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Sep 22, 2015
Incorrect belt tension
by: martin

The tension of your belt is incorrect.

The BIG allen key (red handle) goes at the tip of the foot (big hole).

Do not tigth it too much, it will freeze the motor and you'll end up burning it.

Mar 07, 2012
Possible solution
by: Mark

I own this model, too. We've used it continuously and have not had the problem you describe. However, see if this helps.

Unplug the treadmill. Open the motor cover (very easy to do). See if you can get the belt moving with your hand. If you're uncomfortable opening the cover, try doing the same thing by standing on the belt and trying to manually get the belt to move. Raising incline might help you do this. If you're unable to get either moving, it would seem that something has seized in the motor (not a good sign).

Jan 22, 2009
Horizon PST8
by: Anonymous

to anonymous I am the person with the PST8 mine acts just like yours does sometimes I can use it if I but my incline up to 3 or 4 % and get my belt to moving and then lower it back down to normal. hope this helps:)

Jan 21, 2009
same problem
by: Anonymous

I'm having the same problem with my CT5.0, i used it twice and it just stopped working... the display works and it shows my program has started but hte belt wont move... called horizon but they're too busy to return my phone calls... :S

not sure how old this post is but please let me know what happened after to your treadmill...

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