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Horizon Fitness T-62

by Derrick
(Cedar Spring, MI)

This is the worst company. Yes, their models are lower priced than some other manufacturers, but they are JUNK! The first one I had, the deck broke (twice) which was rated for 320 lbs...I weigh 205 lbs. The frame broke, which had a lifetime warranty, so the company had no choice but to replace it. They sent me the T-62 (a newer model) as a replacement. Just another piece of junk. The deck broke on it after 13 months of use. Which was beyond the 1 year warranty. They would not replace it even though it's rated for over 300 lbs. The unit heats up in less than an hour and SHUTS DOWN while running. That's not fun, believe me. When I call for help, they ask about what kind of surface it's on (concrete floor) my weight (well under the limits of the machine) and if it's plugged in right (it has it's own outlet). I will never buy any product from this company. If you plan on buying a treadmill and actually using it for exercise and not for hanging your clean laundry then stay away from this company.


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Jun 24, 2014
T62 still going after 8 years
by: J Smith

I've had the T62 for nearly 8 years, and it still runs perfectly.

My wife and I both run regularly on the machine, and the only problem we've had (the reason I'm on the boards) is that the original walking belt has rippled in the center.

(In the T62's defense, my wife and I did not apply the silicone to maintain the's really our own fault that the belt has rippled.)

I'd be looking for another Horizon Fitness machine if this one ever died, but I'm confident that replacing the walking belt will give us another 5+ years of use with the current T62.

Aug 09, 2013
T62 is great
by: Kurt Joseph

I have had my T62 for 7 years.

I have run hundreds of miles on it and walked hundreds more.

Used daily for 7 years and the tread belt finally failed. The belts aren't cheap and don't look easy to replace but I'm going to try anyway.

Best machine I've ever had.

No shit.

Jan 04, 2012
Horizon is not durable
by: hogenmogen

I've owned two Horizon treadmills in 4 years.

I'm scouting these pages now because the warrantees have expired and they keep breaking.

Belts and boards especially.

Customer service was a bit hard to get in touch with, but when you made contact, they were nice and didn't hassle you about replacement parts.

But post-warrantee, you have to pay for those constantly breaking parts on your own.

Apr 28, 2008
Horizon Update
by: Derrick Carroll

The motor caught fire during use and the company sent me a new motor. (10 year warranty on the motor).

The new motor was installed and within 3 minutes it too started smoking.

Went out and bought a Precor.

The Horizon is now by the side of the road waiting for trash day.

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