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Horizon Fitness Elite 5.1T - Worst Treadmill Experience

by Silviu Ceparu
(Montreal, Canada)

I had more than ten (10) failures of the Motor Control Board (MCB) and 3 failures of the rear roller;

an MCB cost about 200 USD;

I had technicians to figure out what the issue result;

the idea was that the friction between the running belt and deck may cause occasional overcurrent drawn by the MCB which in turn, having a poor overcurrent protection design, gives away.

I made every effort in the book to reduce belt, deck result..

In the end I figured after research what were the specific components failing on the, instead of replacing the MCB, I would only replace the MOSFET and the kickback diode which fails...but even though,

I have to pay a technician to do the replacement which is about 75buck plus the cost associated with the components and shipping...another 15-20bucks...and all this to only last several traning sessions after which it will give away again...

the machine has a user weight limit advertised to 350lb, I am 240lb, so it should not this be the issue...

I do not have the electrical schematic of the MCB hence I cannot think or ask a technician to design a protection circuitry...

if anyone could help I would much appreciate...

I paid 2000buck on this machnine and then I probably couched up more than 800 bucks to repair it...

and this is because I got 5 or 6 MCB free of charge from Horizon while it was under warranty and I have to say well after that...

from this standpoint Horizon Fitness acted very satisfactory but they were rather reluctant to point to a more systematic problem I am quite sure they were aware of...

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Apr 14, 2015
Reply to Greg of Jatinah Electronics on the Horizon Treadmil Elite 5.1T MCB failures
by: Silviu Ceparu

Thank you for your comment Greg;

if Jatinah Electronics can help me with making my treadmill MCB more robust, I would much appreciate it...

please, let me know your coordinates and I will get in touch with you...

Feb 28, 2015
elite mcb issues
by: greg at Jatinah Electronics

Hi there,

first off I must assume this is the lowest horizon made, elite series, called OPP for Open Price Point.

If so, this mcb suffers from a couple of issues, but I haven't heard of this much trouble.

Motor current kills controllers over time, I am wondering if the motor spins nicely, or could there be bearing issues?

Jatinah Electronics can beef up the HexFet, Kickback, and add storage capacity in the form of larger electrolytics to provide more drive current than expected,

and also, there might be a small blue potentiometer on that board, you can adjust carefully all the way clockwise to Max the torque setting which calms a current limit issue onboard.

Then there are a few possible wrong value resistors built into thousands of theses mcb boards due to a factory error in the SOP for many many months.

Get a hold of me and we will try to help you out :-)


Hi Greg:

Thanks for offering to look into this issue for visitors.


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