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Horizon Fitness CST3 Review

by J Dunn
(Asheville, NC)

I bought this treadmill for our home thinking that it would be a good machine that would last a while. It is very loud. It seems very wabbly even with lightweight users. Many of the screws have fallen out of the handles and brackets and some of them even came stripped or missing. Eventually the fan broke off inside the control panel and the electronics started to fail (specifically the "Select" button). I called the company for tech support and repair. They said that the nearest service technician was 57 miles away. I would have to pay for their mileage (over $150)and a $124 minimum service call fee before they even looked at the problem. I decided to scrap it and buy a new one. I don't recommend this machine to anyone. I bought it at Dick's Sporting Goods, but now see that they don't carry this line anymore. They have shifted to Sole treadmills which seem to be a little beefier.

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