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Bought this treadmill in 2004. After 6 months, the upper console digital readout stopped functioning properly. Retailer did replace this upper console. This new console operated for a few hours of use, then started having same problems as before. This treadmill was hardly used (only six months out of the year as we travel for the other half) and even then only once or twice a week. Treadmill still worked so we just left it. In October, 2007, I started to use the machine again for a slow walk when it suddenly went to full speed for a moment then quit. Fortunately, I was not hurt. But it could have been quite disastrous!!! I phoned Horizon and spoke to a tech rep and ended up having to buy a new circuit board which cost me $190. So far it is working but for the price paid which was approx. $2,000., I don't feel I should have had these problems or have gone thru something like this. I would strongly recommend against buying anything from Horizon.

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