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Horizon Elite 4.0T

by Phil

After 9 years of heavy use, the deck frame broke on our Elite 4.0T. Up until that time it had been flawless, the only maintenance done was lubrication and cleaning. It was a bit squeaky I guess at that point too, probably needed a new drive belt.

Since the frame had a lifetime warranty I called up customer service and sent pictures of the damage. Knowing how most warranty claims go, I was expecting them to send out a new frame which would require a full weekend or more to disassemble and replace. I was planning on giving it away or selling for cheap and buying something else. Instead they declared it "unrepairable" and shipped me a new AFG 3.1AT treadmill with a new warranty at no cost to me! It arrived within a week. AFG and Horizon are both Johnson Fitness brands. My new AFG is very similar mechanically to the 4.0T but I did notice they have redesigned and reinforced the elevation motor attachment point which is what broke.

All in all, the 4.0T was a capable treadmill for me even as I advanced my running past what I would expect a treadmill in that price range to handle. It wasn't fancy but it was solid and got the job done. Stuff happens sometimes and while the frame design was questionable they still stood behind it and have hopefully fixed the issue in new models. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Johnson product.

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