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Horizon Adventure 3 from Amazon Japan

by Alexander

Honestly, I'm in a total state of shock, & i'm about to vent my irritation.

I'm in Japan, I'm here a lot. I need to train regularly and walking is a pain in the...well everywhere during the summer, heat and mosquitos, not to mention dripping with sweat.

I ordered a Horizon Adventure 3 from Amazon Japan, it arrived in good time, as do most things with amazon.

On first opening the box the main platform looked pretty good and solid, I had only to attach the two upright, side rails that hold the control unit, and then attach two handles to the control panel, then attach the whole control panel to the two upright rails, that should have been the end of it.

The two large, uptight rails that hold the control panel went on like a dream, I felt positive this was going to be good. But then I tried to place the first handle in to the control panel....We've all ordered relatively cheap items on which screw holes don't quite like up, and we manage to get it done somehow, but the screw holes on the underside of the control panel and the handles on the Horizon 3 looked like they'd been made by a blind monkey.

The screwholes were unbelievably out of alignment to the extent that not one of them was even close. It was clear that not one screw was going to be even slightly inserted no matter what I did.

At that point I knew I was sending it back, but just for the hell of it I picked up the whole control panel, with the handles unfixed, to see how the next step would have gone, and that was even worse. You could not have fixed that control panel to the upright rails if there had a been a million pound prize for doing so.

So Horizon, or Johnson, the parent company, clearly has no self respect, I don't know how they are still in business with this sort of quality, or rather lack of it.

And it appears that Amazon is not concerned about its reputation in Japan, as this was shipped and sold by amazon, which usually means you can trust that a product meets a certain standard.

The worst part is that I had to pay almost double what I'd have had to pay for this piece of junk in England, Europe or the US.

I'm trying Life Fitness next. I noticed a distinct lack of bad reviews about their products. They're extortionately priced, especially when buying that brand in Japan, almost a thousand pounds more than I'd have to pay in England, but I need a treadmill, so I'm left with no choice.

Avoid Horizon, and all Johnson products at all costs. They're a disgrace to themselves.

In 2017 there's no excuse for not lining up screw holes properly, and selling shoddily built products. Any company doing so should be starved out by consumers.

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May 01, 2017
Tired of treadmillls
by: Anonymous

Thanks, I appreciate your input. I've actually changed my mind about Life Fitness, I won't be buying one. If I were in England or the US, I'd have a lot more choice of treadmill, but in Japan there's very little choice with all the popular brands. There is a life fitness distributor here, but they want ridiculous prices for even the lowest models of their equipment. The cheapest model Life Fitness treadmill from them is about 460,000 yen, which currently converts to about £3200, the same model is £1500 at John Lewis in the UK, so I just can't bring myself to be ripped off like that. Their better models are verging on the price I paid for a Mercedes Benz, & the engineering that goes into a Mercedes is on a whole different level than a simple treadmill. The whole treadmill thing is really quite annnoying. So anyway, I've decided that Life Fitness are far too greedy and I don't want to give them my money.
Amazon Japan did take back the Adventure 3 treadmill without fuss, and I did talk with them on the phone to express my disappointment in the treadmill, and with them for their lack of care in choosing products to sell under the Amazon name, which I have always trusted when buying things in the UK.

Incidentally, there are no Life fitness treadmills at all on Amazon Japan, there are some, very few, Precor, ProForm and other known brand names, but mostly from third party sellers and they're all grossly overpriced. When I buy from Amazon here in Japan, I don't buy things sold by third parties, I want to be sure I can send it back without fuss if necessary. Amazon themselves are selling mostly Taiwanese brands that I know nothing about. I was considering a Reebok Jet 300 which is sold by Amazon here, but again, it was double the price I'd pay for it outside of Japan, and I didn't really feel convinced by it, although it does look good.

So anyway, I've just ordered a relatively cheaper treadmill from a brand that, in all my internet searching, I've heard nothing about outside of Japan, the brand is Alinco, they're known for radio equipment but within Japan they make fitness equipment and construction equipment. I've tried one of their cheaper treadmills in a shop and it wasn't great but it was good enough to walk on for ten minutes, so I thought I'd take a risk with one of their newer models, which is half he price of the Adventure 3. Some of Alinco,s older treadmills have received decent reviews on Amazon Japan, but there are also some bad ones, as is the case with pretty much all brands. Of course if it's rubbish I'll send it back to Amazon. I've pretty much given up on getting a more known brand here, maybe Amazon will up their game in fitness equipment and start providing more options in future.

May 01, 2017
So sorry to hear, normal mode of operation for them
by: IamJatinah

Hi There,

Before jumping to Life Fitness, do a bit of research to avoid a similar issue. Life Fitness just canned a CEO and is going thru changes, which usually results in manufacturing hiccups.

Johnson, alas, I spent many days trying to get them to understand the need for company ethics and manufacturing controls, both severely lacking.

I was ushered out so the status quo could continue without my thoughts. Yes, holes not lining up, jigs and forms not used correctly, no deviation process, ECO/ECR updates lost or forgotten, huge up-front warranty purses for large buyers who know 20% of incoming new products will have issues....all kinds of crazy things that most companies would not even find funny.

All this leads to poor products, quality, profits, turnarounds, unhappy customers, loss of repeat buyers, deals to simply keep running.

Shameful as it sounds, the entire industry has a problem with integrity and ethics, do some research, it's cut-throat good ol boy games in that arena, leaving the customer to simply buy another, or that's their thoughts.

With few major players in that market, lawsuits flying at and within each other daily, infringement issues and design oddities.

There is usually a return period allowed even with Amazon, and in fact, Amazon can pressure Johnson to fix this in a single email.

You see, if a retailer, seller or outlet gets burned by Johnson, they stop selling their brands and open mouths to the conduct that caused such.

I might call Amazon directly for starters.

Good Luck.

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