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Have had Precor 9.41S since sometime between 1988-1990 & still works great!!

When I was in high school, my dad bought a Precor 9.41S treadmill (this was sometime between 1988-1990). Between my dad, my sister and me, we used it almost daily (some days it was not used, some days it was used 1-3 times), but definitely the treadmill was used. We walked and ran and used the incline.

It is now 2010 and that treadmill STILL works!! My parents moved to Florida so I asked him to give me the tradmill. My husband and I have had it for 5 years and we still use it. I am on this web site because we want to buy a second treadmill so we can workout together.

I did not realize how much my dad must have paid for it because it IS a quality treadmill. It is heavy duty and a QUALITY WORKHORSE machine!! Compared to the newer treadmills, the drawbacks on the one I have would be that it does not fold up so it takes up space, and it is very heavy so it takes 2-3 people to move and is not something you move regularly. BUT if you are looking for a quality, long lasting, sturdy piece of equipment.

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