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Good experience on Exp2000.

by Jo

I have had an EXP2000 Nordic Track Treadmill for years--I bought it new. It has been great! Before leaving home, my kids and their friends used it, as did my spouse on occasion. I have been the "regular" user and have appreciated all of its features, but especially the "springy" running/walking surface, as I frequently use it barefoot. (I have tried going barefoot on other treadmills and found it uncomfortable--their surfaces were too hard.) Those of you that run (or walk) at the beach know that going barefoot uses/develops different muscles, and this is a good thing for your body. I had one minor repair under the warranty many years ago, easily taken care of with a repair person visiting.

Unfortunately, it is years beyond the warranty now, and I am currently looking for a repair person in the Seattle area. The whole belt has moved to the side and dislodged something--I cannot use the machine until it is fixed. (I am not wanting a new machine, don't need any recent "bells and whistles," prefer just getting my "work-horse" repaired!)

So, yes, this machine has had a good long life, and I hope it will continue!

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