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golds gym 480 treadmill

by Jacquelin Morrison

i bought my treadmill on march 19th, I started putting it together as soon as I got home. While trying to set it up, I realised the factory put the wrong part on & I couldn't finish putting it together, let alone use it. I contacted customer service and they sent a part, the wrong part. Contacted them again and they sent the same wrong part. I sent 6 more e-mails before I got a response. They wanted to send out yet another part (which I have yet to recieve). I told them if this part isnt correct I want to know how and where to get my money back. It's been a waste of my time and money having a machine sit in the middle of my living room! Then I got a rude response back from the company! I'm so furious, I'm returing the treadmill to walmart and I REFUSE to buy anything from gold's gym again!

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