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Five Years of Good Service!

by Stephen

My Nordic Track C2420 has been a real workhorse for me. I have walked and ran on it daily for the past five years and it has performed great. I must admit I never did a lick of maintenance on it, except tighten some bolts. I use it in my unheated garage in northern Ohio (the Sears technician who assembled it for me told me it would never last under these conditions), but it can handle the cold better than I can.

Over the years I have had three problems:
1. It has gotten noisier with age.
2. The "cardio grip" fell off.
3. The belt cushion control has become difficult to regulate.

But despite these minor issues, it "takes a lickin' and keeps on ticking." In fact, I was surprised to learn from other reviewers that treadmills can be so problematic. Unfortunately, the walking belt has finally worn out on mine, so I am using this as an excuse to buy a new machine with some more bells and whistles. Rest assured I will be getting another Nordic Track. They say the company has upgraded its products considerably over the past few years, so I hope to get ten years out of my next purchase.

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