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ex-Horizon Electronics Engineer willing to help customers

by Greg Kinsley
(Madison, Wi. USA)

HI All,

I Just stumbled onto your page but will be checking in often. I am an ex-Johnson Health Tech Electronics Engineering Tech., for years, and now repair all styles of motor control boards and other electronics for the fitness industry, no matter the brand.

As for Horizon, I am sorry to hear all the troubles out there, but they could careless about customers after the sale. The entire industry is lagging in the service side of things.

Please direct motor control problems to me before you break down for Horizon replacements as they are expensive, and most units can be repaired for less than half the cost of a replacement.

For customers using the Horizon Part Number 013674DG, there is a long history of troubles with this controller, for a few reasons, which I won't discuss here, but fact is, it is a known issue that Horizon failed to attend to.

Also, part numbers 032671HF and 032669IF are exact pcb's and sowftware and are directly interchangeable. If you doubt me I can explain further, but trust me on this.

I am still known to many at Johnson and supply their services with a specially designed Treadmill Analyzer, for diagnosing all Johnson Brand treadmills up to the 2012 yr when a few went to a digital format.

This includes problems with Matrix Fitness, Vision Fitness, Horizon Fitness, Merit, AFG and other brands, and this help/advice is free, as it should be. peace

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Feb 18, 2018
ex-Horizon Electronics Engineer
by: ex-Horizon Electronics Engineer

Hi All,

I haven't read thru this in a while and I apologize.

The Horizon 032671 series are repaired at this facility for $99ea which includes return shipping to the main 48 US States.

For help post here for others information as well as shooting me a message.

Posted information adds to helping others, and the website host gets more users if some of us can do better at timely replies for help.

Thank you all.

Jan 16, 2018
Repair or replace control board
by: Kevin S

Hi, and thanks so much for the information on the interchangeability of the 032671 HF. That will save me $100 if I choose to replace. I still have this faulty board, however. At least I think it's the problem. The treadmill turns on and the displays are all normal, the main motor moves with outside power, but the treadmill will not engage the motor- no movement.

Should I send the board (JDYF02L) somewhere for replacement? I can get the 032671 HF refurbished and with 6 mo warranty for $119. I doubt that repair would be much less than that.

Thank you!!

Mar 24, 2017
Treadmill fixed
by: David laight

Just FYI I got our treadmill working.

As well as the big FET and snubber diode I had to replace the FET source resister (open), the 15V Zener diode (short) and both the small diodes (short/exploded) across the big current sense resistor.

Having drawn out the circuit I realised it could be tested on the bench by connecting a 9v battery to the 12v transformer input - much easier without the '0v' line following half the mains cycles.

Mar 13, 2017
Contact info
by: Fil Flores

Hi Greg. How can I contact you?


Please, contact us at

Jan 23, 2017
Dead PCB, exploded diode
by: David laight

We've a treadmill that has the same PCB as the picture at the top of the page.

Motor stopped, load bang and the house RCD tripped.

I've replaced the snubber diode (it was in two pieces) and the power FET (showed signs of physical damage. Cleaned everything and it now powers up but doesn't work.

The motor itself runs - drew about 1A at 30V from a bench psu with no load on the belt turning at walking pace.

Not sure what to look at next, caps are charging.
Could be the opto-isolater that drives the SCR, or the FET driving circuit.

I've tried shorting out the FET (is that used for speed control, or just for current limit?) I think that caused the big caps to discharge (one of the leds goes out).

Dec 27, 2016
Sounds like a high resistance deck/belt issue?
by: jatinah electronics

Hi There,

Wow, that's frustrating! It sounds as tho there is some stiff system resistance between the walking belt and deck due to no lubriant, or very sticky rollers.

Something in that system is causing the motor to overwork.

Check for rollers or deck resistance?

Dec 24, 2016
New Motor Smells Really Bad
by: Larry

I have a Horizon 841T Treadmill for 3 years then the Motor started to smell really bad and stopped working.

I replaced the Motor Controller Board and the Motor to get it working.

After four workouts of about one hour over four days the Motor burned up with a lot of smoke coming out of it and would not work anymore.

Replaced the Motor and it was working fine for my wife (115 pounds) but when I use it (220 pounds) the Motor starts to smell bad after about 30 minutes.

I stopped using the treadmill but now the Motor smells after about 30 minutes when my wife uses it.

What do you think about the motor?

Mar 29, 2016
Omega 2 "Connecting"? no buttons work
by: Jatinah

Hi Linda,

I am unsure of this model you speak of most likely due to it being newer and a version maybe designed for the UK area?

The only reference I found this far doesn't show a screen with messages, just a couple of LCD areas to show user speed and lift position during workout.

Has the unit been moved recently?

It sounds like either a cable has gotten loose, or a communication between the upper and lower boards is bad somewhere.

If you are located in the UK, google Tim Jennings for further help (treadmilldoctor1 email maybe?)

Good Luck....let us know if we can help further

Mar 28, 2016
Horizon Omega 2
by: Linda

My 3 month old horizon Omega 2 treadmill will not change its display from "connecting" no matter what buttons I push to reset it.

Been perfect until this morning.

Any suggestions?

Mar 03, 2016
Horizon Lower board fails leaving no belt movement
by: Anonymous

Hi Raj,

your issue with the treadmill is the lower control board has finally given up.

These can be repaired thru a great repair facility called Fitness Remedy, ask for Josh or Korey, and tell them you have an older style "everything" board and they can get you fixed up.

Do a google search on Fitness Remedy in Sun Prairie, Wisc. Good Luck!

Jan 04, 2016
Horizon Omega III Treadmill
by: Raj

I have a Horizon Omega III treadmill that has stopped working.

The treadmill powers up but the motor does not spin.

Prior to failure it would not operate unless we urged it to start by rotating the belt by foot (almost like kick starting a motor bike).

Can you please advise?

Jan 04, 2016
Horizon Omega III Treadmill
by: Anonymous

I have a Horizon Omega III treadmill which has stop working.

The treadmill switch's on but the motor does not come on,

Prior to failure it would only start if we turned the motor by foot before working normal.

Can you help?

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