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EVO mistake EVO 204T

Nothing but problems. The top electronic unit shorts out. The motor was replaced. Technicians have been to our house several times. Would never own another EVO. It blew up 12th Feb 2013. During running the speed would cut out numerous times every time it was used. This went on for many months. The technician said needs a new console, if he can source one, doubtful he said, but he never got back to us after he supposedly tried to source one. So we persevered until it went "bang" yesterday. Now we need a new treadmill. Not wasting more money on this.

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Feb 14, 2014
EVO Healthstream 204T
by: Centurion

Seems to me that I have wasted my money. So many problems with this Treadmill. The control panel bips when I touch the top part of th machine. Some days it works some not. Mostly NOT. For the price I paid for it this should not happen. I called a place to get it fixed and they asked me what type I had? There reply was " Oh dear they are a problem, good luck getting parts for that. Not sure how to proceed? whether I should put a totally new and different type of control panel on it or what? I would advise against buying this brand as I have tried repeatedly to contact them for advice and not helpful at all.

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