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Don't buy this piece of junk!

by KLM
(South Carolina)

I bought this machine after reading all the reviews on the Nordictrack website. Everyone seemed satisfied. I, however, must have gotten a refurbished one or something. It worked great for the first 35 days, then the belt started to shift. I got online and pulled out the manual. Did everything I was suppose to do. The belt kept shifting during use. So I called at day 38. They sent someone out who was great. She fixed the machine...for a day. The belt shifted and started skipping (was WAY loose). I called, was told someone would contact me within 48 hours, I had to call back a week later. Was told someone would call within 24 hours. Three days later I called back AGAIN and said I just wanted my money back. They couldn't do that because my original call was at day 38 and passed the 30 day guarantee. That's crap! My bad it didn't break down 8 days earlier. I finally got my service tech out here today (another week later BTW) and she tells me it needs new bolts. She KNEW it needed new bolts when I talked to her a week ago, but Nordictrack won't let her put an order in until she's been out. The order will go in for the bolts today, but I'm looking at AT LEAST another MONTH before they get in. What the crap???? I paid GOOD MONEY for this piece of junk and I expected more than a month out of it. I could have paid for a years membership at the gym for what I paid for this. Big fat THANKS FOR NOTHING Nordictrack. Don't buy this one...actually, I wouldn't buy Nordictrack at all! AND I'm filing a complaint with the BBB. ---This is the same review I submitted to the Nordictrack website, they didn't post it. Nor are there any negative reviews posted at all on their website, how convienent for them to be able to pick and choose which reviews they want to post.

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