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Don't buy from NordicTrack

by g8er
(mesa, az)

I purchased a C900 treadmill from at the beginning of July. I paid the extra money to have someone put it together for me. These were people hired by NT but paid by me. They did not know what they were doing and within 2 days the belt was completely off-center on a machine that claimed that wouldn't happen often. Good luck getting a hold of customer service. If you go the email route, you get smart a$$ kids who don't comprehend what you've written and you get an answer that isn't an answer; they are a complete waste of time. Expect to spend at least 15 minutes on hold waiting to actually speak to someone and then be prepared to fight for what you want. And then know you won't get exactly what you want but some compromise version you weren't aware you were agreeing to. The delivery guys stole the allen wrench that comes with the treadmill and I don't own tools so this is a major problem for me, especially with the belt needing an adjustment every 2-3 weeks. The website and the user manual do not say what size the allen wrench needs to be. I thought when I had been on hold in July they had agreed to send me a replacement one (only $4.03 on their website)for free but I guess that was just to get me off the phone as it has been 7 weeks and I still don't have one. I can no longer wait as the belt is starting to shred on the side. I've asked them for the size so I can buy the correct one but no answer so I guess it'll be hit or miss until I find the right one. Until then, won't be using the treadmill since I don't want to permanently ruin the belt on a 2-month old machine. If I could do it again, I would never purchase from Nordic Track and I highly recommend that you stay away from them too. It is not worth the aggravation trying to get someone to help you with an expensive machine when they don't want to help you. Your just a sucker to them if you buy from them. I know it may seem silly to be so upset over a $4 tool but I spent $1000 on the machine and I don't think they should have any problem replacing something that was stolen by someone they hired on my behalf. If they give me such grief over this, what happens when something big happens and I really need them? Don't waste your money on them like I did. I 100% regret buying from them just because of their poor customer service and the unprofessional delivery people they hire.

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