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Does everything I need

by Jason
(Sacramento, CA)

I have the Pace Master Platinum Pro VR that I bought around 2 years ago. The big selling point for me was the simplicity and durability of the design...The very thick long life tread...The high horsepower motor, the ability to go up to 12 mph and 12 degrees up hill, and then the negative incline too.

It provides the perfect amount of shock absorption, and can take a heck of a beating. The VR programs are great. I like number one, simulating Lombard street, but I think I'll eventually use them all. It's really amazing how these programs make the workout just fly by. It really prevents it from getting boring.

So forget some of these treadmills with built in fan or i-pod dock. You don't need it. The bells and whistles are just more things to break. Simplicity, reliability and durability is what counts, plus a few VR programs that change up the routine enough to make them actually fun and never boring. It's the easiest piece of equipment for me to use in the morning, and we all know if you use a piece of fitness equipment on a regular basis, that's half the battle right there..

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Jan 01, 2018
Press Release
by: Anonymous

Well written press release but too obvious to post as a consumer review and they went bankrupt anyway.

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