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do your research

I bought a NordicTrackC2200 from Sears almost 4 years ago for over 1200 dollars I read the manual thorougly, cared for it regularly and lubed as recommended. Sears serviced it within the first 3 months and from what the last tech (not Sears) said they actually damaged the front roller by overtightening. Now it speeds up and slows down at will, Icon says talk to Sears; but it takes 3 services calls to get one intelligent person out and it is out of warranty. So do I Invest 175 dollars for the service/repair on a machine which now has the value (?) of a service call?

Do your research folks and buy from a fitness store not a department store.

PS I cannot find anyone but Sears who will "service" Nordictrack machines. There's an oxymoron.

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