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Do not buy Horizon treadmills especially from Canadian tires

by Rewa

I bought a Horizon C5 treadmill three months ago. The retailer Canadian Tires had no idea about the treadmill and did not have any ideas or help to offer on the assembly and informed me it could be done by one person. Ultimately four of us had to try because it was simply too heavy. The packed treadmill came with the wrong instructions. The treadmill, we are told, got locked even before we went about assembling it completely. The retailer of course refused to help. It took a week to get the first response from the company. I was then sent the "correct" instructions on how to assemble the product. Unfortunately these did not work either. I asked for professional help. Again I was sent information about another retailer whose email ID and phone number were either both wrong or the shop itself had closed down. Two months passed. I moved from my original residence to a new city. By now I had probably spent $100 in addition to the expense of the treadmill itself on moving etc. I contacted Horizon again. This time I was told to get in touch with another retailer. Should I be paying more to have this problem fixed? If a product requires assemply shouldnt the retailer and company have some accountability to the consumer to give the right instructions and tips while buying the product? Dont ever buy this product.

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