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by Michele
(York, PA)

Buyer's beware...DO NOT BUY A a Nordic Track Treadmill. I purchased a Nordic Track ELite 7500 with a 7" color TV in June of 2008. The TV did not have any reception without cable or Direct TV. Once connected to Direct TV (in August) the volume blasted even on the lowest setting. I have gone round and round with Icon (Nordic Track). The technician (from another organization) has been out several times and they have replaced the TV, the console, and every cable. The technician just visited again today and here two months later, with all new parts, the problem still persists. What infuriates me even more is the lack of cooperation you get from Nordic Track's customer service department. All of the customer service reps (and I think I have spoke to just about all of them by now) always say, "Well, we are doing our best to try and solve the problem. We kept sending you parts. We are just doing our best!" Well just how many damn parts must you send and if that is their BEST, I am shoked that Nordic Track stays in business. Basically, after they sell them, it's "THE HELL WITH THE CUSTOMER!" SO, in short...DO NOT BUY A NORDIC TRACK ANYTHING!


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Feb 25, 2018
Probably not even 20 miles on it. But who knows
by: Anonymous

Purchased a Nordic track 5700 Treadmill about two years ago as a replacement for an older one.

We thought a new purchase would save us money as we had already repaired the old one a few times.

Plugged the new one into a surge protector and turned it off when not in use.

There is minimal use since I am having back and neck issues.

One day, the display and the controls just stopped. All I can see is the ANDROID word and occasionally an animated penguin on the screen and none of the controls even make a sound.

Is nothing built to last anymore?

Aug 07, 2014
Nordic Track Is AWFUL!!
by: Anonymous

My worst purchase ever was a Nordic Track Elite 7500.

The motor went out a year after I purchased it, then the electrical panel soon after, followed by the drive belt, speakers, running belt, and several small parts.

They will not send a tech out without charging you and they just keep sending more parts for a machine that is obviously defective.

It is an extreme hassle to replace these parts too and most of the time something else breaks in the process of trying to install them.

I am appalled at bad this machine is. No body from upper management will get back to you and the customer service reps can do nothing, but send you parts.

I will never ever buy piece of equipment from Icon Fitness.

Their products are cheap and awful!

Apr 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

I purchased a brand new Elite Nordic Track Treadmill from Sears on Black Friday 2011.

The fan went out after 3 days. Icon service sent me a console to replace.

After 2 hours of connecting everything myself, the fan worked but the screen and half the buttons would not work.

A tech then came out with another console.

The buttons and fan worked but now the incline was stuck at a higher level (even though the screen showed the incline was 0).

So they sent me another brand new treadmill.

The guys came out to set it up.

Everything was going smoothly until they calibrated the incline.

The incline would neither go down nor up.

How does a brand new treadmill not work???

Another tech guy came out to confirm this and order a new incline motor and wires.

Now these parts are on's been 5 months since I bought the treadmill on Black Friday.

Do NOT buy Nordic Track!

I thought this was a brand I could trust.

Apr 26, 2011
by: Janis

I purchased a Nordic Track treadmill....

it arrived damaged and has never run correctly and they will not fix it.....

do not deal with this company for any products.

Jun 17, 2009
do not buy nordic track Elite zi tradmill
by: ed walsh

bought a nordic track elite zi treadmill in nov 2008 at sears, with a 3-year in-home svc contract.

Has had light use, and is already broken. called the icon svc, who probably misdiagnosed the problem as the console needing to be replaced because I do not unplug the treadmill after each use.

Does anybody? .

I use a surge protector, and figure the odds of her diagnosis being correct as miniscule.

How many folks do you think unplug their equipment, after each use.

Which I would bet big money, has nothing to do with my problem.

Had a similar problem with a Proform, they sent a new console and the tech sent to install it fixed it in two minutes, did not need a new console.

What kind of garbage would need its electronics replaced after six-months.

Of course, the Console is not in stock, maybe it will be withing a month.

What does that tell you?

Never again will I buy any Icon product.

What a farce.

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