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Do Not Buy A Gold's Gym Treadmill !!!

I purchased a Crosswalk 650 from Wal-Mart in 2008. Within about 7 months it was inoperable (belt was apparently skipping). They sent a tech out who basically told me he didn't know how to fix it. The warranty people at Icon Fitness, after I called several times trying to solve the problem, told me there was nothing more they could do because there was no other technician in the area to fix it.

I found a technician myself who had worked for Icon before, and they sent someone out twice and finally got it running again. It was about a three months from the time it broke to the time it was fixed.

It ran about 4 months after that and now I am without a treadmill again. The same thing is happening and the extended warranty people said that Icon couldn't find any of the notes from the first time it broke. So, we are starting over again with this talking to warranty reps, sending of parts, and trying to find time to be at home for the tech.

I strongly recommend that buyers not purchase anything serviced by Icon fitness, Gold's Gym products included. I am out a lot of money and I have a useless piece of very heavy equipment in my home.

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