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Customer service is rubbish

(Surrey, UK)

We bought an ICON Health & Fitness treadmill worth c.$2,000. After about 12 months it broke and about 18 months later it is still not working properly. It took them ages to send someone out and even longer to source replacement parts. They mostly ignored us when we tried to contact them too.

Their customer service is a disgrace and I wouldn't buy anything from them ever again.

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Dec 05, 2015
Offered IFit discount, applied it, and retracted on day of renewal.
by: Anonymous

Horrible company to work with.

They offered me a half-price to re-up to a premium membership.

They accepted my credit card info. But their site would not process the order. I emailed Customer Care, no help.

Finally, they inserted the half-price value on my billing page on ifitcom for an automatic renewal.

I even tried to pay them a day early, but it still wouldn't work.

The day of automatic renewal comes, I go down to use my treadmill, and I no longer have a membership.

They didn't process the automatic renewal, my premium membership expired, and now the price to renew is back up to the full price, after they had processed the half-price special offer. I called and got no satisfaction.

They said they couldn't do anything since the offer was now over, it didn't matter they had already approved the special offer for me.

In fact, the rep insisted I needed to give him my password so he could check my account. After explaining to him that you never ask for someone's password, and arguing, it finally turned out he didn't need it after all.

I really regret ever getting involved with Nordic Track/Ifit.

It began with arrival of the machine and having to wait two months to get a code to start using Ifit.

I will never do business with them again.

Nov 20, 2015
Misrepresented prduct - Nordictrack
by: Alice Shechter

I ordered a Nordictrack Freestyle (almost $2000.) The website specs claims it was easy to set up and easy to move on its wheels. When the machine arrived it turned out that it weighed more than 300lbs. Early in the instructions the consumer is warned that they will need at least two people to set it up and two - three people to move the machine. I returned it and had to pay return shipping ($150) and a 10% restocking fee (almost $200.) I felt cheated because the website so completely misrepresented the dimensions and ease of movement of this exerciser.

Nov 28, 2014
NordicTrack customer service is AWEFUL
by: Anonymous

Bought a machine.

Followed up on the order (they did not contact up) and was told machine is on back order.

They upgraded to next one.

Never received status update.

Called again.

They had no idea why it wasn't shipped.

Was told i get a call back.

Never got that call.

Called again, was told it would take 2 weeks to get to us.


This is 2014 and we are not using horses for transportation anymore.

And here is the best part.

I called them 4 days.

My combined waiting time on the phone to talk to somebody was over 2 hours.


Aug 11, 2014
NordicTrack / Icon Fitness - beware
by: Jaosn

Review of NordicTrack - A complete failure in customer service – can’t imagine how they would be once they had my money!

I placed an order online with them from their Canadian website on Wed.

July 30th, 2014 for a $1,700 treadmill – got confirmation email right away providing a link to check on shipping.

On Friday after 48 hours I checked on shipping link – nothing updated so I called customer service.

Was advised that the model I ordered was out of production and no longer available.

Received apology and was offered to upgrade to the next model at no charge.

I agreed to the upgrade and was sent a new order confirmation (353708) showing the new model number and shipping link.

At this time I was told that shipping is typically 7-10 business days but as they ship out of Quebec and I am in Ontario I could see it fairly quick.

Next Wed (7 days since original order placed) I called in again as I still saw no change in shipping – was now told that no product existed in Canada and it would be shipping from the USA and that might not happen for 2-3 weeks which means it could be 3-4 weeks before it arrived at my house.

Told CSR I was not happy with that timeframe and suggested if he could not do better that I would look elsewhere and possible be calling back to cancel my order. CSR seemed unconcerned with the possibility of a cancelled order.

Wife wanted this model, so we decided to stick it out.

Next Monday I decided to call back to see if their story was the same.

After 20+ minutes on hold and talking to 2 different departments I finally was told by a customer service manager named Sandra Tondini that the not only was my original order discontinued but the new model they moved me to was no longer in production and that any stock of other models in Canada would not be seen until OCTOBER!!

I told her that was completely unacceptable and wondered how a company who failed to notify their customers about discontinued product twice could then say it would be 2 months before product would be made available.

She could not answer but pointed blame at other departments and would only agree to either let me wait or cancel my order.

By the way … both discontinued models 2150 and 2250 are still showing available for sale and in stock on their website!

0/5 for order taking

0/5 for website content

0/5 for shipping/stocking

0/5 for customer service after sale

I will not be purchasing any product from NordicTrack or Icon Health and Fitness.

Sep 06, 2013
Nordictrack/Icon Fitness Sucks
by: jeremy

So for the second time in 8 mos I need major maintenance on my X9i.

The first time it took 6 weeks for the problem to be resolved.

This time I cant even get help because...get this: Icon Fitness is currently having a corporate celebration.

The entire support group is at an amusement park this very second 9/6 3pm mst. Yes.

The company that took your money and sold you a piece of crap is celebrating. Seems appropriate.

If you are thinking about getting a nordic track my advice would be: DON'T!

It's great when it works but as soon as you have to deal with support you are going to wish you were dead.

Mar 06, 2013
Nordic Track Is a total SCAM - Never buy their products!!!
by: Joe

Bought a high end unit a year ago. It has never worked for more than a month. Replaced parts include the motor, fan and several tablets. Absolute garbage.

Its an obvious lemon but they won't replace it with a new one and won't explain what the replacement criteria is. Utah office says they have absolutely nothing to do with replacing lemon units except following up, without judging, the technician's decision to replace it.

Technician's office says they have absoultely nothing to do with replacing units and don't know what Utah is talking about. Utah says they don't know what the technicians offices are talking about. Both claim the other office is lieing to me. What a bunch of losers!

Lemon laws don't apply to them. Worse exercise machine I ever bought and the worst customer disservice ever. Won't let me speak to the manager. This is a classic cnbc documentary customer disservice scamming.

If you are stuck with one of these nordic track scams contact government authorities, ombudsmen, cnbc, Ralph Nader, consumer advocacy, media, etc. Homer Simpson used his treadmill to watch tv while sitting on a lawn chair. Thats all its good for.

In the end if you want to use it you'll have to find a cheap handy man to fix it yourself, if thats possible. Start by throwing the defective useless android tablet away and replace it with manual switches, like controls in the old star trek movies.Try using an exercise app to track your exercises, a wrist pedometer, etc and hope nothing else breaks down.

Most of all, get the word out that Nordic Track SUCKS!

Aug 25, 2010
Nordic Track = Crap
by: Anonymous

nordic track is crap. Cheap made crap. Service is also crap. Stay away from whole brand.

Oct 31, 2008
Buyer Beware
by: Anonymous

I purchased a Nordic Track Elite 7500 too. It's a piece of shit and the customer service department is even worse. For that alone I will never buy another Nordic Track product!

Jul 08, 2008
Same Issue
by: Steve

The board on my treadmill broke and it was not even two years old and was used only 3 times a week. I had to order the board and a new belt for a cost of $350 dollars. To top that off I requested a service man for a charge of $100. The service was never peformed and they want to charge me again. I would never buy another Nordic Treadmill and there is no customer service

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