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CT 5.0 toast after 2 years, 3 months

by Marc
(Toronto, Canada)

I bought Horizon CT 5.0 at a Canadian Tire in Toronto, Ontario. It was lightly used and I performed the lube on it as indicated. It started making loud noise. Recorded it and sent it to company. Long series of emails had me dismantle parts of it. Now they say it needs a new running belt. $100 USD. But what if that doesn't fix it. Down the garden path. For $700 or so it should last more than 2 years. I'll never buy their brand again and neither should you.

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Oct 06, 2016
by: Anonymous

Have a CT5.0 Horizon Treadmill...motor died after 5 years...

supposed to have a lifetime warranty on the motor , but apparently I'm not registered for the warranty so I'm out of luck.

Will be looking at another brand.

Feb 05, 2016
Horizon CT 5.2
by: Lisa

Garbage, after a few years use we replaced the mother board, actually both boards, and the belt and it still speeds up at random on it's own then stops dead with no warning.

Do not waste your money.

I will never buy one of their products again.

Jan 20, 2016
Ct 5.0
by: Anonymous

Treadmill was working great.

Stored for 6 months in upright position.

Put it down the other day and four buttons don't work.

Guess which one didn't work. Some of the incline buttons and lately the start button.

Everything else beeps except start button.

Not sure if it's the push button Matt or something on control board.


Sep 12, 2015
great stuff.
by: Anonymous

well mine is great after 5 years of using it! to bad for you. I love it! everything works perfect still.

Apr 01, 2015
Parting Out
by: Nick

Interested in selling the control board??

Nov 01, 2014
CT 5.2 running belt is rubbish
by: Brian

My Hortizon CT 5.2 running belt needs to be replaced in only 2 years.

Belt was suddently speeding up from just 1 year of usage low to medium use.

Not worth to go for Horizon products at these price tags.

Product quality is worse than my previous treadmill which cost half that of the Horizon CT 5.2

Mar 24, 2014
belt tosted
by: Anonymous

I have horizon CT 5.2 just in 2 years walking belt get tosted.

Stay away with horizon product from canadian tyre

Feb 23, 2014
Horizon CT5.0
by: Anonymous

Do not buy any Horizon products!!

They don't last as long as they should for the price.

Purchased new from Canadian Tire and can't get warranty for the motor as the original receipt is basically a blank piece of paper!

Incline did not work right from day one!

Contacted Horizon Canada and was asked to do several checks to check on mileage on belt and total hours used as the belt probably needs to be replaced.

It only had about half of the total hours and mileage the treadmill was supposed to be good for before having to replace belt and board.


Jan 09, 2014
Purchased CT5 Treadmill
by: Anonymous

Purchased CT5.0 Treadmill from Canadian Tire and after 4 years of only using product a few times , I need to purchase a new circuit board.

Not very happy after spending alot of money.

Jan 27, 2013
horizon t101
by: Anonymous

I have this experience pls never buy horizon treadmill, this is my sincere advice, as soon as it is past 1 year it starts giving problem, stay away from horizon.

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