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by Joe
(Westmoreland, NY)

Love it! The treadmill is like new again after 7 years of heavy duty use.

I bought mine in 2005 from Dicks Sporting Goods, this was the top model that year. The machine gets heavily used by two runners, especially in winter. In the years I have owned mine I have replaced my control board, and the top circuitry, also recently replaced the track last month. Also I just replaced the motor as it started to bog down a little when walking on it. I called the company and told them this, support was excellent during the troubleshooting, they ended up sending me a brand new motor (under warranty), my old one was 2.5HP, the new one is 2.75HP! Came in 2 days, was easy to put in, no charge at all. Again, the treadmill is like new again after 7 years of heavy duty advice would be to buy a higher model given all the problems posted here. However, all treadmills require maintenance, keep the belt lubed, adjust it every 150hrs, replace parts as required, and you should have no worries.

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