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Crosswalk 550

by Diana

I purchased my Crosswalk 550 9/2011 and purposely waited a year and a half to write any type of review. This is my first (The used Proform i bought off Craigslist lasted only a week so I don't count it)treadmill and I was scared to buy it because it is on the low end price wise and, I bought it from Walmart.

Today, I can't say enough good things about it! I have read lot's of issues with the displays on the Gold's Gym machines but, I haven't experienced a single glitch.I can honestly say that for the price there isn't a single thing for me to complain about. The suggested weight limit is 300lbs and my husband is very close to that weight. We have not experienced a single problem. The treadmill is used almost religously by at least one of us, 5 days a week.

It is a noisy machine and the speaker to plug your mp3 into isn't great quality. The fan once you start sweating is barely noticeable but, I didn't pay for a high end machine so, I'm getting what I paid for and that is fine. I run and sometimes walk a steep incline. I have never had an issue with the incline working properly. The programs the machine comes with are decent and you can raise or lower intensity to your liking. I would certainly buy another Gold's Gym product and still very happy with mine that is going strong a year and a half later.

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