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Circuit board blows up and NO Warranty

by Unhappy
(Very, Very Unhappy)

I have a horizon fitness treadmill with less than 50 hours on it. The original circuit board went so it was kept as a clothes rack. Decided to finally fix it for 250 dollars with a new circuit board. Customer service said there was a 90 day warranty. I called customer service and they told me NO WARRANTY on burnt out circuit boards. I told them it's got less than 30 minutes use on it. They immediately told me it's my fault for the burnt out circuit board. I told them there's nothing wrong with this treadmill and they tell me it's the belt. The belt is new and hasn't got 50 hours of use on it and 2 circuit boards have blown up.

DO NOT BUY HORIZON TREADMILLS. They look good but the brains of the treadmill which is the circuit board is useless. It can't even last 30 minutes of easy use.

Spend your hard earned money on a machine that will work and not be a very expensive clothes rack.

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