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Bremshey Trail

by bob
(Mississauga, Canada)

Brand new unit stopped working during 1st week of use. E1 message. Service was called but could not repair. A second visit where the lower board, speed sensor and a lot of wires were replaced but the treadmill failed to perform.

A lot of complaining from me prompted the manufactures Accell to replace the treadmill with a new one. Guess what the new treadmill had the same issues and I am so glad to get my money back and return this 2nd piece of Junk.

My meaasge to Treadmill buyers - do not go near a Bremshey treadmill. I have since purchased a Pace Master and love it.

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Sep 27, 2012
Stay away from Bremshey AND Fitness Source
by: SickofBremshey

I agree with the previous comments. The Bremshey threadmills are lemons. And stay away from Fitness Source - they don't honour the extended warranty and are unreliable. I've been calling them for weeks trying to get my threadmill fixed. I've had everything replaced except the frame in the first year I had Bremshey.

You can't find the corporate site for Bremshey in North America to call and complain.

BREMSHEY you're going out of business, I promise you!@!!!

Mar 01, 2011
Stay away from Bremshey
by: Anonymous

My Bremshey Trail has had three major repairs in the first year. Only one person uses the treadmill; it has light use. And now, one week after the full 1 year warranty ended, it is has a really loud continuous squeak and the incline motor has a tendency to malfunction - suddenly rises up to maximum incline. The incline motor has already been replaced once. Fitness Source, where I bought it, told me I'd have to pay $150/hour for repairs, but the part(s) were free. At that rate, I'd be throwing good money after bad. Stay away from Bremshey treadmills!

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