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Bodyguard Radisson bought in 2002

by Signe
(Minneapolis, MN , USA)

This has been an excellent machine. I spent a lot of time researching prior to purchasing. I just checked the stats and discovered I have only used it about 108 times or 216 miles in all these years. I am going to sell it as it doesn't make sense to keep - when I use it so little. Would anyone have any idea what I should expect to get for it? It is like new, stored properly, no pets ever, non-smoking house, maintained by periodically vacuuming out the motor area and it is kept on a rubber mat. I paid a little more than $1800.00 with tax. If you are looking at buying a new one, I have nothing but good things to say about this brand and think its history speaks for itself, just wish I had used mine more....

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Oct 09, 2011
like bodygaurd
by: Raunak katiyar

wow kya story hai,

this is amagine and i love this movie,

when i see this movie i m so happy.

Dec 11, 2010
Ask at least $600, no less, it's worth it.
by: Peter Wolf

I would ask $600.

I have one of these models and it's worth the price, but people also see newer models with more bells and whistles like TV, ipod connections, quick acting buttons, etc.

They fear that a 6 year old model won't last them, but in truth, it will outlast most newer models at a sporting goods store.

We have 2600 miles on our model with no problems.

No burned out lights even though it's on 24/7.

It has done everything we have asked it to do flawlessly for 6 years plus.

Remember, this model was made when that model was ranked very high for its price point. It was manufactured in Canada vice China as the newer models are.

Bodyguard Treadmill Magellan Plus

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