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Basic Treadmill Gold's Gym 450

by Geri
(Deltona, fL)

The first time I used it, it inclined to the maximum height and would not decline. I read the instructions, adjusted the incline "screw", and it raised up again but would not lower. I called the toll-free number, the CSR told me to repeat the "screw" adjustment, but still no results. Three weeks later the Treadmill Doctor came out with a new Motor, but discovered that the wiring was wrong from the factory, which caused the treadmill to incline but not decline. It works fine now that he rewired it. The electronic heart rate and pulse mechanism display is not accurate, but on a cheap treadmill it rarely is accurate. For a basic treadmill, at a low price, this one is OK. It is difficult to move around if you want to move it to clean the floor. We paid $387 plus tax at the Walmart in April 2009.

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